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I am Nazoom Sheikh and my friends would describe me as a lazy, thoughtful and calm person. You can say that I am an introvert type of person. Well, I have lots of energy to try out new things but I always choose to sleep.

Well, I tie my own shoes, brush my own hair, and my own bed. Well, only if my mom isn’t at home. During the day I found sitting in an office cubicle. I work in a tell caller company and by that, you can understand that it is so stressful job. My friends says that I have a look of foreign girl. Who ever see me for the first time, they think that I am not from India.

Other than that, I love reading books. I can spend my whole day in a library by reading different books. I also love watching web series and documentaries. Normally, I like to spend my evenings watching TV. I don’t really mix up with people. I take the time to understand people and their behavior. So I decided to go and enjoy as a Bangalore foreign escorts.

Moreover, I have a heart that only caregivers know, I believe in kindness and humanity. You can say that I am a very relaxed person. I never get angry easily but when I do! trust me, that’s dangerous. In my past, I've been into a serious relationship with my childhood friend. We've had known each other very well but there was a phase where we couldn't understand each other. we broke up and I've had been single from then. So I made up my mind and started as a foreign escorts in bangalore for full time.


You can join me for something you are eager to do in your dreams, yes for sure I am the dream of many lonely people who look up to Bangalore foreign escorts to fulfil their desires.

Eventually I am an escort, If you want to have a unforgettable moments , if you want to have some rest, eroticism and satisfaction you must choose me. Who Provides good sex and sexual rub, the pictures are real. I can come to your house or hotel. I am equipped with a trademark hot body, monstrosity and amazing figure. With this Bangalore foreign escorts goddess body I always dressed to provocative. I wills give the most extraordinary pleasure you are looking for. I am experiencing both providing and receiving delight ,sexual rub and more. To put it right, I want to be with the business of a gentleman who understands how to deal with effectively a lady.

I am clever and effectively spoken with a great friendly, mature and honestly nurturing personality. I will be nice, intimate, open and accommodating, also I am a good friend and fantastic fun to be Bangalore foreign escorts. Very smart and shows great information and understanding of people and relationships. I am cautious, prices privacy and I holds a secret.

BirthDate 14/01/1992 Weight 52kg
BirthPlace Bangalore MakesOffer CIM, BBBJ, RIM
Gender Female Nationality Indian
Height 5.5 Work Location Bangalore
Knows Language Hindi, English Email